That’s right there are humans behind this website working away, cutting fabric, sewing cushions, writing emails, packing orders, writing content and well the list goes on.

George Guerguinov
Hello, I am George and this is my passion. I love making Cushions. I have over 15 years experience in soft furnishings and textile design.
I believe in supporting locally owned businesses by using Australian fabric suppliers and making quality products.

Adriana Guerguinova
Hi! I’m Adriana and I am the creative behind Newline Cushions. I have seen it grow from strength to strength and watched our little baby unfold from a passion to a profession.
I work behind the scenes with industry partners such as interior designers, property stylists and retail outlets to bring them the best of our product as well as residential and commercial clients to develop a beautiful interior. Most importantly I am invested in growing ‘Newline Cushions’ and sharing our good news story.

Ellie Guerguinova
Hi there, I am Ellie and I am in charge of making sure our clients are happy with their final purchase. I assist in the decision making process. I am Newline’s colour consultant.
I love working with our suppliers and hand picking the most striking fabrics that relate to our target audience. The team and I at Newline Cushions aspire to help you create your dream space.

Paul Guerguinov
Hey, Paul here! Being a part of this family has no doubt meant that I was automatically a part of this business and with that requires a lot of skills.
I work on the administration duties and also deliver the parcels around Melbourne, so if your lucky you might just see me around.

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