How To Best Accessorise
26 May

How To Best Accessorise

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Accessories can be sometimes understated. What they can actually do for an interior can be magical. Below is a list of must have’s for your special space, whether that be the lounge area that is used to entertain guests or hang out with your family, or your bedroom haven.

If you haven’t noticed copper finishes are everywhere from candles, to photo frames, clocks and vases. This trend has been here for a while and looks like it might just stay. So in favor of this, we have collated three of our favs from Adairs who are certainly supporting this copper trend.

Candles: A great way to add a stunning fragrance to the room. Using candles in a large room will make an impact and create a warmth to an interior.

Greenery: Succulents are certainly trending. How can you not crave greenery in your life, home or the office, greenery is the way to go. They will not only brighten your living space but will also put a smile on your dial.

Throw Rug: For those like me living in Melbourne, having a throw rug to accessorise your space is super important. Firstly due the crazy weather and endless seasons in one day but more so for the warmth and comfort it will give your space, not to mention when you are cuddling up inside it.

Hamper: This stunning piece of furniture is a well priced item that can be used in many rooms of your home. If you are super trendy then it can be replaced with your old laundry hamper or alternatively used as a décor piece or storage item.

Clock: Nothing beats a sexy clock right, well maybe not on a Monday. This clock is ace and can certainly be the feature of a room that is more plain and subtle. The combination of the black background with the copper finish is definitely a must have this Spring/Summer.

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